Tineke BOT was born in Hilversum, a town near Amsterdam in Holland, in 1945. As a young woman, inspired by volumes and colors, she created sculptures that were then cast in bronze. She expressed herself, too, in other disciplines.

She has performed her artistic activities mainly in two workshops: the first in Holland at Blaricum, near the village of Laren, a famous artistic center, where her first major exhibition took place in 1974; and the second in France, in a magnificent wild setting on the edge of the Vercors, where most of her work has been carried out since she set up her workshop there in 1995.

Since her first exhibition in Laren, many others have taken place, in European cities such as Amsterdam, The Hague, Athens, Basel, Paris, Lyons, Grenoble and Albertville.

Many of her major works have been bought by private art lovers, not only in France and Holland but also in Britain, the United States and Australia. Others, of larger proportions, have been acquired by municipalities and set up in public places (including a few dozen in Holland), or purchased by companies or organizations (railways, the Dutch oil exploration industry) and are located in working environments, such as that of a computer company in Orleans (CCMC).

Her sculptures, which range from figurative pieces through to pure geometrical studies, reveal that the human being, as both a corporeal and a spiritual entity, lies at the center of her creation.

Her talent, enhanced by her mastery of the craft and her close collaboration with her metal caster, has given rise to a rich corpus of works that are coming to be recognized as outstanding.